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Monthly Newsletter  July


Please enjoy these tips put together by our staff to assist you in achieving your own Nirvana .

"A lotus grows in the mud, but it rises above the mud and blooms unstained.

Be like the lotus."

Can you See that?

Use colors to evoke the mood you want.

Orange is a power color. It gives the impression of confidence. Because it is associated with citrus it is also thought to be refreshing and rejuvenating. 

Be careful not to use to much orange as it can be intense. It is great in an acccent piece or a single piece of jewelry (I'm thinking paper bead necklace from Uganda 😉).

Can you Smell that?

Nothing can set a mood like a wonderful aroma. 

Some smells are personal, like the comforting scent of grandma's perfume when you laid against her on the big sofa; or the smell of grandpa's pipe tabacco that was the first thing you noticed climbing into his truck.     

Sometimes it seems our bodies are preprogrammed to respond to certain scents regardless of our personal memories. 

Remember this next time you want to treat yourself to something wonderful:

 Let's stick with the citrus theme. The smell of oranges, and grapefruit for that matter, is like a caffeine free energy boost. It will promote clear thinking and new ideas 

Try this brief Meditation guide - 

Sit in a comfortable position and remove any distractions.

 If you choose to have music on, choose an instrumental piece. 

Don't close your eyes, but let them rest about 3/4 closed.

Try not to focus on anything in particular. 

Sit for a few breaths and just let your body assume it's natural position.

Feel the wellbeing and peace that is inside of you.

Allow it to swell up and overflow to those you love.

Picture them being transformed by it.

Now allow it to overflow to the people you have casual contact with.

Picture them being transformed by it.

Now allow it to overflow to the people you don't like, the ones who have harmed you. Picture them being transformed by it.


And remember, the secret to ending a meditation is to prolong it as much as you can.

When you've completed your meditation, slowly rise from your position, but let the movement be part of the meditation. 

Take in your environment, let that also be part of your meditation . 

Finally, slowly, return to your rutine.

See how long you can maintain this meditative mindset as you go about your day.

Wisdom Corner: 

Find someone who's native language is different than your own. Sit with them, share a meal with them, listen and learn from them.

If you only associate with people like you, how will you grow? 

Until next month, Namaste