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Monthly Newsletter  September


Please enjoy these tips put together by our staff to assist you in achieving your own Nirvana .

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are."

                                     Chinese Proverb

 I pray that today you will find your true self.

Can you See that?

Color can be a perfect aid in establishing an emotion. Use colors to evoke the mood you want.

Pink is an ambiguous color, while it can be very rewarding you must also be careful to choose the right shade. Pink glass, set where the sun can hit it will warm and entire room making it inviting and comforting. Soft pink highlights will soften hard colors around it while bright pink will lend a burst of energy. 

Use pink in any and every room, it's a great highlight color, just be aware of how the shade and the amount will change the effect you are creating.

Can you Smell that?

Nothing can set a mood like a wonderful aroma.

As we get into fall we all eagerly await the familiar smells of the holidays; pumpkin spice, cinnamon, fresh baked cookies. All great comfort and festive aromas. Please be careful in buying scented candles, room sprays and diffusers that you don't over do it and overpower the subtle aromatic gifts of nature. Gifts such as the fall flowers, fresh rain, and the sun warming the earth. As you become more aware, you will realize that even the early frost brings with it a promising scent of things to come.

Try this brief Meditation guide - 

Sit in a comfortable position and remove any distractions.

 If you choose to have music on, choose an instrumental piece. 

Don't close your eyes, but let them rest about 3/4 closed.

Try not to focus on anything in particular. 

Sit for a few breaths and just let your body assume it's natural position.

This month I would like you to try something a little more difficult. This will take some practice but please don't give up, diligence will pay off in unexpected ways.

As you meditate, be careful to not control your thoughts. 

Maintain a clear mind. Think of it as if you were a passenger on a bus. You look out the window, you observe as you pass by. Sometimes you may even label what you see. But you don't get off the bus and interact with everything. This is how we do the most edifying, most relaxing, and most self revealing meditation.

Allow your mind to wander, see where it goes. Allow somethings to pass, perhaps make a mental note to come back at a later date and visit some things further. Don't label as good or bad, right or wrong. Simply enjoy the ride.

And remember, the secret to ending a meditation is to prolong it as long as you can.

When you've completed your meditation, slowly rise from your position, but let the movement be part of the meditation. 

Take in your environment, let that also be part of your meditation . 

Finally, slowly, return to your rutine.

See how long you can maintain this meditative mindset as you go about your day.

Wisdom Corner:

Sit down, everything is just fine.     Happiness is right here.  Just sit with it.

Until next month, Namaste