Nirvana is the state of complete peace and acceptance. A place where you can be you; No expectations and no demands. We will help you create an enviornment that is as unique as you are.

Hello, glad you stopped by, let us introduce ourselves:

We are four friends from four countries that strive to bring you an international flair that you will not find anywhere else.

Home decor from around the world: Handmade rugs from Pakistan; baskets from Uganda; wall art from India and the United States. But thats not all, handbags, jewelry, toys, and games.

Our inventory is constantly changing, and because it is all handmade, it will always be different. 

We occasionally have goods from guest countries as well; who could turn down handmade, fair trade merchandise from Haiti or Nepal?

So come inside and look around, While you're browsing, check out the monthly Newsletter for great tips in acquiring your own Nirvana. Read more get inspired.